Success Stories

Let the people we’ve touched tell you in their own words how our campaign impacted them.




“My experience at PACT was one of the most rewarding I've ever done. I learned a lot and came out grew up. I have met and been inspired by many people with a common commitment, making the world better by giving what they have received! I understood that it is a thousand times better to give than to receive. 

My motivation to do great things was so strong that after PACT 2018, I made the decision to share everything that makes a man's worth, his knowledge, his diversity and above all his desire to share. 

My determination allowed me to participate in major conferences in Argentina, Chicago and Miami. I can not be more proud of having participated in PACT2018.”




“I am a cultural interpreter for expéditionayiti( We promote intercultural understanding through Haiti.

During the PACT program, I realized that there are young men and women who really to see another image of Haiti. Through your actions, I understood that a new Haiti is possible. From this moment on I gave myself to a goal to be a part of the new Haiti. 

After PACT I was able to visit Cisco in RTP and see cutting age innovations firsthand. I also I went to Nashville, TN where I met a group of people. I have explained to them:

• Why it’s important to come to Haiti 

• To invest in Haiti 

• To support the Haitian people

Now, I am working with a Haitian partner for education. I’m setting up a lab in my hometown (Hinche). I'm also learning to use Microsoft Office tools and basic programming on HTML.”




“I am very passionate about science and technology. My biggest dream is to improve the education system in Haiti. That's why I work very hard. I do not wait for everything to come to me, I will look for new knowledge and skills myself.

PACT 2018 has contributed significantly to the realization of my dream. I acquired new knowledge. I learned to build my brand, the professional networking, and new technologies such as Meraki. Now I have a global view of things. PACT 2018 motivated me a lot. You taught me how I have my impact for a better Haiti. I went to Chicago on the prestigious conference on technology in education. A team of four students. The school chose us for our experience; we move very well.

You taught me to start. Now I participate at a boot camp on programming. After the training, I will have to create applications adapted to the program of the Ministry of Education. You are role models for us. Thanks to all the PACT team, you give us hope !! Haiti needs you. Young Haitians need you. There is no progress without innovation.