Another Year for the Books.


This was our biggest year yet. Our campaigns reached more people than ever! We want to share with you what we’ve done and how we’ve impacted the youth around the world!


Data compiled by Caroline Knop.


We’ve increase our reach by over 80% this past year



Unique website visitors


youtube views


website visits


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We’ve had a lot of growth this year as a foundation. This was our highest year in sponsorship, fundraising, volunteers and social media. For the second year in a row we were able to launch the PACT program, our international initiative to grow young leaders in technology. With all of our accomplishments this year, we’re upping our goals for next year.

We got 22 sponsors this year for our programs with them contributing over $33,500 in funds over the past two years. Our biggest sponsors have been Cisco (worldwide leader in IT), Marriott (one of the most renown hotel franchises in the world), and Haiti Data Network (one of the premier IT companies in Haiti).

We had over 4000 hours of volunteerism towards our campaigns over the year with donations reaching $131,647! The communities showed up in full force. We saw that as well through our increase in social media and online visits up over 200%.


We subsidized cost for our participants by 75%!


PACT Program participants

We’ve reached 144 participants directly through our campaigns with the majority being young adults and early in career. We have goals next year to reignite our younger leaders through our March for Education & PACT 2019: Haiti. 2019 will be the first year we will do both of these program at the same time.

A typical technical workshop would be estimated at $288,000 (estimated value of 2k per 144 participants). Our program was $430 per participant with students only responsible for $30 USD. We were able to subsidized cost by 75%

The Foundation was able to function within our budget parameters even with the revenue increase this year. We’ve maintained low operating expense by digitizing our programs and tools.

Our campaigns are having an impact and so can you. Sponsor a program or donate to our Change the World fund today!


10 years. 10,000 leaders. 10 countries. This is the 10-10-10 Plan!


Participants from pact 2018: haiti

This year we announced the 10-10-10 Plan. We aim to reach 10,000 leaders across 10 countries within 10 years or by 2030. We hope to do this with 10 companies and/or technologies that can take them to the next level as leaders. This is our most ambitious goal yet. We chose 10 countries across 4 regions based off a number of factors: GDP, STEM/ICT initiatives, etc. Here’s our list of countries:

  1. Haiti

  2. Jamaica

  3. Cuba

  4. The Bahamas

  5. Costa Rica

  6. Honduras

  7. Columbia

  8. Ghana

  9. Nigeria

  10. The Philippines

ICTs are vectors of economic and social transformation. By improving access to services, enhancing connectivity, creating business and employment opportunities, and changing the ways people communicate, these countries can start tech revolutions. The participants we help develop will be leaders of that revolution through jobs, innovation and sharing their knowledge with others.

The 10-10-10 Plan is our most ambitious goal yet. Sponsor one of our campaigns or donate to our Change the World fund today!


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