Education Pays


Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are known by most Americans as “The three R’s” of education. It’s time we add Fiscal Responsibility to the list. During childhood and onward we’re instructed to pursue career paths that will financially support families and ourselves. However, we are rarely instructed with what to do with that money upon attaining it. Education Pays is designed to help prevent future personal financial crises by teaching banking and spending principles aimed to improve the financial literacy of low-income and middle-class individuals and families.

The “Education Pays” program consists of four components which will create a comprehensive pathway towards financial success and ultimately one key aspect of the American dream; homeownership. The components of this program are financial education, low income tax preparation, first time homebuyer workshops, and the most unique aspect of this program, credit repair and restoration. Working in conjunction with our partners and other financial institutions, we can help prepare students and individuals in the community for the financial path they will embark upon. Through the “Education Pays” program, we will develop the financial consumers of tomorrow today!


Workshop Series Through practical exercises participants will grow their financial literacy.