Date to be announced 2020

Championing Change


The March for Education is an annual community event. This initiative provides a platform for the community to raise awareness, fund raise our inaugural scholarship for first generation American students, and celebrate education. During the event, we will honor parents and teachers for their outstanding commitment to educating our youth. All eligible participants will receive giveaways, promotions and special prizes. Our only missing element is you! Join us in our effort to unify the community to raise educational awareness and promote educational security for future students to come.

Advocate for Educational Solutions

One of the main purposes of the March for Education is to advocate for educational issues within the community. We seek to create a platform for the voices and opinions of individuals within the educational community to be heard. Teachers have many concerns and we will highlight them at this initiative. We will raise awareness about our current state in education. We will create an Until moment. Education was thought to be overlooked Until the March for Education. There wasn’t a walk for everyone in the educational arena to channel individual energies and efforts Until the March for Education. There wasn’t a major walk established solely for education Until the March for Education. Our aim is to perpetuate positivity in the community through this initiative. We will take a stand not only for education but also for a more hopeful tomorrow.

Fundraise for Effective Support Programs

There is an old adage that states, “It takes a community to raise a child”, and we seek to do exactly that. We believe one of the most essential things that all students’ need is support. We have identified two of the most effective organizations that provide support to students in Miami-Dade County. We seek to help these programs expand into more schools so that they may reach more students in need. One of the main-fold purposes of this walk is not only to expand the breadth of these said organizations but also encourage other organizations to make strides for the children and inspire hearts to take the opportunity and found new organizations with a dedicated purpose to the children’s well being through education.

Celebrate Education

We invite everyone to come out as a community in celebration of education. Too often we direct a large amount of attention on negative issues while failing to highlight progress, outreach and innovation. We intend this event to be compelling in the capacity that individuals will participate annually not only because of the cause but due to such an awesome heartfelt experience. We are anticipating this event to become a community tradition.