Our Vision

Plant a seed and see it grow!


We believe that education is the root from which everything stems and the branch from which everything grows. Therefore, we collaborate with educators, local high schools, colleges, and universities to develop programs to better serve our students and improve the quality of our public school system.

We believe that the greatness of an individual is not in how much wealth he/she acquires, but in his/her ability to affect those around him/her positively. Therefore, we develop partnerships between financial and educational institutions to provide financial literacy workshops that will provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to create wealth and effectively manage their money.

These are essential building blocks for the leaders of tomorrow. We were blessed with that foundation by our parents. Others aren’t so lucky.

We and the team look at the world and each as family. We aim to support and empower our sisters and brothers under the age of 25 because we know they represent the future of the world. They represent our hopes and dreams. They are the foundation that we will build a brighter and better world.

This journey will be long and difficult but we’ve seen the impact a small act can have on a life.

Change one life and you change a family. Change enough families and you can change a community. Change enough communities…and you can the world.


Farrel Liger & Reginald Liger

Miami, FL  - Farrel & Reginald Liger at our first ever March for Education

Miami, FL - Farrel & Reginald Liger at our first ever March for Education