Since 2009, we have led efforts in communities across the Southeast United States that has impacted over 10,000 people across the world.


Our Mission

Foundation of the World impacts lives by mobilizing communities to collectively work to provide life’s essentials to improve the lives of our brothers and sisters of diverse cultures.

Our vision

A world free from poverty. 

Our plan


We believe that education is the root from which everything stems and the branch from which everything grows. Therefore, we collaborate with educators, local high schools, colleges, and universities to develop programs to better serve our students and improve the quality of our public school system.


We believe that health is wealth. Therefore, we develop partnerships with community health centers to provide health literacy workshops that make it easier for individuals to navigate, understand, use information and services to take care of their health.


We believe that the greatness of an individual is not in how much wealth he/she acquires, but in his/her ability to affect those around him/her positively. Therefore, we develop partnerships between financial and educational institutions to provide financial literacy workshops that will provide individuals with the knowledge and skills to create wealth and effectively manage their money.

Foundation of the World has an ambitious goal but I’ve seen the impact that they’ve made. They’ve inspired the youth to believe in more than themselves.
— Ronny Law, Film Director

What We've Achieved

  • Toy Drive for the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida
  • Laugh the Night Away with Godfrey
  • Thanksgiving Feed the Poor with LifeNet4Families
  • Back Pack Give Away
  • Madden Tournament Scholarship Fundraiser 
  • PACT Program
  • Haiti Medical Mission Trip with HANA & HAPC
  • Angels for Haiti Initiative with Bush Clinton Haiti Fund & Georgia Institute of Technology- $10,000 raised!
  • Education Pays Financial Literacy Workshop Series
  • March For Education