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Volunteer Team

A great team can do anything! Meet our team of volunteers that make our programs a reality.


Reginald Liger

Derrick Clarke
Florent Dalencourt
D'Auria Henry
Caroline Knop
Ronny Laurent
Dinah Liger
Greg Michel
Lori Pashcal
Christopher Richardson
Jerome Sanders
Steve Simeus
Derwin Warren
Jayson Wicker

Tyler Moselle
Latisha Scarborough 



A great leader doesn’t speak the message, they are the message! Meet our leaders that help drive our programs and mission.


Farrel Liger

Reginald Liger
President & COO 


Board of Directors

A dream without a plan is a wish. Meet our team that sets the vision and direction of our foundation.


Farrel Liger

Reginald Liger
Board Member

Temitope Alausa
Board Member

Frantz Millien
Board Member

Jacques Pape
Board Member